Every person's yoga practice is different and their experience is completely unique to them. The benefit of one-on-one guided sessions is the ability to get the most out of your personal practice through sessions customized specifically to your needs and interests. This could include focusing on physical traits like balance, mobility and strength; or on a mental and emotional level like reducing stress and better sleep; or a both.

All private yoga sessions include email support. Feel free to ask questions and share thoughts and experiences.

All sessions will be live video. The first 10-15 minutes will focus on open communication. This is an opportunity to ask questions, convey interests, share progress before the yoga session begins. This part of the session is about 45 minutes. I will guide you through poses offering adjustments and modifications along the way. We end with relaxation poses and a few minutes at the end to reflect and discuss. 

What is Needed:

Internet Connection

A Quiet Space

Props (Optional)* 

* Props may include a chair, blanket, strap, or blocks. These can be beneficial to make a pose more accessible or at times more challenging. However they are not necessary. I also give alternative options for props if needed. For example, many times a blanket or book can be used instead of a block.

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